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It is my honor to capture the miraculous work you are doing.

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I am a law enforcement wife & mama to three. My journey to motherhood is one I share with pride and vulnerability. From a fertility issue, to two miscarriages, and the death of our first daughter in 2019 at 38 weeks. Another daughter, in 2020 and our son in 2021.
My journey has transformed me from a dedicated pediatric registered nurse to all things related to birth. I have learned so much about human resiliency and the importance of story telling.

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Why do I think birth photography is for everyone?

Birth photography can provide you the memory of your strength, power, partner connection, baby's first moments, and details of one of the most eventful and special days in your life. Birth photography makes time stand still of our children's births. Often so much of the day becomes foggy. We miss what the room looked like, how our partner looked at us, held us, and supported us, we miss that sometimes birth doesn't go as planned, because well it is birth and even traumatic events have beauty within. Without birth photography I would carry such trauma, and really tainted memories of my 3rd baby's birth. When I hired a professional birth photographer I got to see that there was SO much beauty in the day, even the hard moments, and how strong me and my partner worked together. The photos helped me process his birth hugely, and I struggled bad with how his birth went, but I am able to remember the incredible work in his birth day. These photos make me regret not having photos of our other 2 children's births. Trust me, you will NEVER regret it.

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